(Andrew Briscoe)

Hurricane season is just around the corner, and once again NOAA is predicting “abnormally active” Atlantic activity.

We here at doc2e-file watch the tropics very closely. Not only for our own operations but those of our clients and potential clients.

Are your records protected from disaster? Converting to a digital media may seem like a daunting/expensive task, but have you considered the alternative?

Disaster recovery projects are one of my favorite processes! I love the idea of reviving something thought lost. I have worked on several such projects in my tenure at doc2e-file!

One or two fire damage jobs, but in my own experience it has been the water damage that is most prominent here on the Gulf Coast.

Although it is one of my favorite types of projects I really hope to not see many of them. The stress and anxiety of thinking you have lost vital paperwork is not something anyone should experience, nor is it something they have to! So as the storms clouds gather and the winds pick up…think about how great it will be knowing that your records are safe, and within reach at a moments notice. Piece of mind is priceless! But also know that if the unthinkable happens…we can fix that too!