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business process automation

What would your productivity look like if you touched documents less and only file them once? Ubiquitous access. No lost files. Forced data integrity.

data transformation

Transform data for all system requirements.

document management systems

In the cloud or in your office, manage content and records. Automate distribution, routing, audits, compliance and archiving.

total document conversion

More than just records scanning. Utilize the knowledge from the page.

touchless digital ap

Want to have your AP department focus on knowledge-based work and payments? Eliminate handling of invoices and data entry.

secure retention services

A safe place for every box. We’ve done away with ransom fees! A file clerk is at your disposal!

damaged document recovery

Let us revive water, fire or aged damaged documents! Call the doctors at doc2e‑file.


doc2e‑file is certified by several state and national organizations, helping you to meet your diversity and small business program goals.