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Declutter, digitize, and fine-tune your data from page to platform. We help capture your most valuable information and keep you organized with the most sophisticated, best-in-class document scanning and document imaging services.

Document Scanning

We help you get the most out of digitalization. Whether it’s paper documents (including large-format in black and white or color), microfilm or microfiche, or books; we have state-of-the-art scanners to convert your records into digital images. Locate and access your most critical data while creating a more sustainable office ecosystem.

Data Capture

With the highest level of scrutiny and diligence, doc2e-file ensures your data is digitized accurately. Whether it’s a small-batch job or a massive undertaking, we process your data with your end-goal workflow solutions in mind. 

Quality Control

The doc2e-file difference includes a standard procedure of 100% page to image quality control comparison. Our trained staff reviews for proper document separation, document integrity & usable image quality. If the scanned image doesn’t pass our inspection, we’ll rescan the image to the highest attainable quality. Next, we perform double-blind data key entry.

Our Double-Blind Key Data Entry Difference

Capturing metadata to store and retrieve documents (especially the handwritten ones) should be managed with the utmost clarity and accuracy. That’s why doc2e-file uses “Double-blind key data entry” – a system that requires two separate data entry specialists working independently to index each document. Our specialized capture software compares the two sets of index data and forces a review and operator correction of any nonmatching entry. That’s the double-blind key difference.

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Scanning services are just the beginning. Upgrade your digital business processes today with doc2e-file.

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